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 From Semplice Industry Marketing

Industrial companies today are struggling to get an appreciable return on their marketing dollar. It's not surprising considering the challenges companies like yours are faced with:
  • Cost per visitor reached at trade shows has been trending sharply upward since 2005
  • Trade publication print circulation continues its decline while at the same time ad prices rise to cover increased printing and postal costs
  • Actual digital readership of trade publications is not yet bridging the gulf
  • Industry publications are folding, merging or going "online only," reducing the number of outlets available for your message
  • 31% of banner ads are blocked by user software
  • Banner ads that aren't blocked are often placed in what have become "no-see" zones on web pages 
  • When people do click through to your site from an ad, you can't tie those clicks to revenue
  • Social media is the hot new thing, but how do you turn that into something that actually meets your bottom-line marketing objectives?
The system isn't broken—your company just may not have had a chance to adapt to its changes yet.

Free new guide, Get the Marketing Results You Need (to Meet YourTargets & Grow Your Company), gives you the basis for getting your marketing on track so that you can bring more money in the door while lowering your cost to acquire it.

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