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Typhoon PCB inline cleaner is the industry's newest, most advanced inline cleaning / defluxing system. Typhoon PCB inline cleaner contains numerous performance and safety features not available on any other inline cleaning system.

Typhoon-WS Inline Cleaning / Defluxing System is capable of removing all water soluble (OA) flux residues from post-reflow circuit assemblies. Typhoon's extra wide stainless steel conveyor belt accommodates up to 24" (609mm) wide. Unlike other machines, Typhoon Inline Cleaning / Defluxing System features two high-performance / high efficiency stainless steel spray pumps that deliver impressive flow and pressure ratings. One pump is dedicated for wash and the other for rinse. The use of two pumps allows for maximum performance in each of the cleaning zones. 

  • Removes all water-soluble (OA) flux residues from post-reflow circuit assemblies. 
  • Extra-wide stainless steel conveyor belt accommodates up to 24" (609mm) widths. 
  • Not one but two high-performance, high-efficiency stainless steel spray pumps that deliver flow and pressure ratings equal to pumps twice their size. 
  • Unique stainless steel nozzle sprays fluid at 60-degree angle to allow superior below-component coverage for more thorough cleaning than 90-degree sprays. 
  • Equipped with the industry's first turbine-powered rotating air knife as well as fixed-position air knives to provide maximum effective drying area - much greater than fixed-position air knives alone. 
  • Typhoon is equipped with heaters that straddle the sump tank's wall, rather than penetrate it. This reduces the possibility of leakage to add an unprecedented level of safety. 
  • Typhoon's all-digital control panel consists of eight pressure gauges, wash and rinse temperature controller and conveyor speed controller. Extremely large windows give the operator complete visibility of assemblies as they are washed, rinsed and dried. 
  • ECO-Cycler Water Recycler optionally available. Captures and re-deionizes Typhoon' s water for closed-loop (zero discharge) operation. 

For more PCB inline cleaner information, please visit the website Typhoon PCB inline cleaning / defluxing system.

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