Wave Soldering Machine Customer Review

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It is very important for us to tell you that  we appreciate a lot your help with the wave soldering Installation, we believe that your work was highly professional and that allowed us to reach our goal.

Thank you.

Gabriel Lomeli Morales
Gerente Ing. de Planta y Mantenimiento
Medidores Internacionales Rochester
Tel. 30030970 Ext. 1304

New Selective Soldering System from Manncorp for Under $60K

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IS-T-300 selective soldering machine

Manncorp’s new IS-T-300 Selective Soldering System will be on display at booth #3732 of the IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, Feb. 24-26.

The IS-T-300 selective soldering machine from Manncorp is an all-in-one selective fluxing and soldering system designed to deliver outstanding quality and consistent, efficient performance at a price point that insures a quick return on investment. For only $59,995, the IS-T-300 comes fully-equipped with advanced features like laser-controlled wave height compensation, high-precision jet-fluxing, and CAD data import. The IS-T-300 handles double-sided and mixed technology PCBs up to 300 x 500 mm, with an option for 460 x 700 mm boards.

An all-titanium solder pot and pump assembly, compatible with either lead-free or eutectic solder, is mounted to a heavy-duty, X-, Y-, Z-axis drive mechanism for highly repeatable, point-to-point and continuous soldering. 360° wettable nozzles with diameters from 3 mm to 14 mm produce ultra-precise, miniature waves that can be programmed to a 0.5 mm minimum clearance from adjacent components. The nozzle body is designed to inject preheated nitrogen from a high-purity source and to fully shroud the wave for high-integrity, oxidation-free solder joints.

A Microdrop Jet-Fluxer is also included and dispenses precisely measured points or continuous streams of alcohol- or water-based flux through a 0.2 mm nozzle. High-grade stainless steel construction withstands even the most aggressive fluxes. Selective fluxing, customized to each connection, insures proper wetting and dramatically reduces flux consumption and excess residue. The fluxer is also mounted to the X-Y drive and, like the solder pot, can reach speeds up to 400mm/s.

CAD data or scanned images of the PCB are easily imported into Windows7 software that allows simple click-and-drag programming of points or continuous paths both on- and off-line. To prevent bridging in difficult areas, angled “pull-off” functions with reduction of solder flow are integrated into the software to simplify programming.

Through the end of March, Manncorp is offering free, on-site installation and training on the IS-T-300, which is also backed by a full two-year parts warranty and unlimited factory support.

A Few Words From Our Customer

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Dear Andy,

I want to thank you very much for all your assistance in Ecuador to solve the problem we had with the pick and place machine.

Your attitude and commitment to help us confirm me I made the right decision when I decided to enter in business with Manncorp.

I have no words to say how much I appreciate you. Thanks again for everything.

The best for you.

Warm regards from Ecuador. Antonio

Cordiales Saludos,

Antonio Ricaurte V.

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