12% Off All SMT Assembly Equipment At ManncorpDirect.com Until June 30 Only

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Marketing Director of Manncorp

Manncorp is anticipating a record number of first-time visitors and customers to its new e-commerce website, www.manncorpdirect.com, thanks to an across-the-board 12% price reduction, in effect through June 30 only.

In announcing the cut, CEO Henry Mann stated, "This will be welcome news for companies with an immediate need for PCB assembly equipment. It’s also an opportunity for our old and new customers to experience the savings and convenience of a B-to-B e-commerce site that is virtually unique in the EMS industry."

Manncorpdirect.com showcases selected machines from the company’s existing lines of surface mount and through-hole products, with descriptions, specifications and reportedly lower prices that are instantly accessible. According to the CEO, fast delivery is obtainable for most systems, including stencil printers, bench-top reflow ovens and wave solder machines, plus PCB depanelers, conveyors, SMT component counters, through-hole lead formers, desiccant cabinets and more. "This is our answer to cheap and unreliable gray market imports with no after-the-sale support. We fulfill or exceed customer expectations with products that perform as advertised and are backed with warranties and a continuous availability of spare parts. Assistance, if needed, is always available by e-mail, phone or text," he stated. "Furthermore, our user manuals are in English and shipping is expedited from our San Diego warehouse."

"Our new site is an opportunity to secure quality machines quickly from a trusted source. However, manncorp.com will continue to remain a key site for higher-throughput equipment that often requires pre-sale application assistance from our engineers and/or installation and onsite training."

For details, call 1.800.PIK MANN (745.6266) or e-mail sales@manncorp.com.

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