Manncorp XL-390W-ST PCB Conveyor

Posted by Manncorp

The versatile Manncorp XL-390W-ST PCB conveyor can be used for loading PCBs onto the production line from either standard CAB or Nikko magazines or from stacks using an adjustable vacuum pick-up head. Full magazines are loaded onto the upper platform and automatically transferred to the indexing elevator. Empty magazines are transferred to the lower platform. When magazines are not used, stacked PCBs are simply placed on the platform and transferred to the XL-390W-ST's 390 mm buffer conveyor via a vacuum head with adjustable pickup cups. The XL-390W-ST is compatible with standard CAB 601 and 701 or Nikko NKAJ 0525 Series magazines. Please contact Manncorp for special pricing.

For more information, please visit the website: Manncorp PCB Conveyors

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