Manncorp Planning To Exhibit Its Best Sellers at APEX

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Marketing Director of Manncorp

Apex visitors may get to see three products that helped drive Manncorp to record sales in 2011. They are the 5,000 cph MC-385 pick and place machine, the BR750 split-vision BGA rework system and the BT300CP lead-free batch reflow oven.

Manncorp MC-385 Pick and Place Machine

With a placement accuracy of 30 µm, 3 sigma and a price of under $50,000, the MC-385 pick and place machine has become a value and performance benchmark for mid-volume PCB assembly. The BR750 BGA rework system automatically removes and replaces BGAs, QFPs and other fine-pitch devices. It is priced at $19,995. The BT300CP computer-controlled bench-top reflow oven, at $3,995, features thermocouple-aided profiling, with forced hot air convection. Manncorp will be exhibiting in Booth #2907 at Apex 2012, San Diego, CA.

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