Manncorp CEO forecasts continued expansion of product lines and overseas markets in 2012

Posted by Henry Mann, CEO of Manncorp Inc

Viewpoint 2012

Henry Mann, CEO, Manncorp Inc.
2011 was a great year for Manncorp -- but not because we tightened our belts. Instead, we tightened our product lines and customer relations -- by focusing on core products and upgrading with improved mechanics and vision, plus more intuitive software. What also helped was more favorable pricing, expanded advertising and marketing, as well as improved service and support.

We welcome the fact that many of our customers are new entrepreneurs and are more focused in getting their products to market faster by avoiding the delay of micromanaging the equipment purchase. Our single-sourced SMT turnkey assembly packages accomplish this. We’re also seeing engineering institutes and universities enter the market for our high tech low-volume equipment.

Our major goal for 2012 and beyond is to expand globally. This is already occurring in Mexico, Brazil, the Pacific Rim and Eastern Europe with those customers served by our offices in San Diego, China and Mexico. Expansion plans call for a new warehouse-showroom and office complex replacing our Willow Grove, PA headquarters, along with key personnel additions to our sales, service and marketing staffs.

Henry Mann, CEO
Manncorp Inc.

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