Manncorp Replaces MC384 with Enhanced P&P at Same Price

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Marketing Director of Manncorp

A new replacement for the widely sold MC384 pick and place has been announced by Manncorp. Aside from the many technological and mechanical breakthroughs permitting improved flexibility, accuracy and speed (5,000 cph), the new MC385V1V pick and place machine, according to CEO Henry Mann, “Is totally compatible with its predecessor, allowing the 1,000+ MC384 owners worldwide to use existing feeders and programs in the new machine without concern.”

Another bit of good news is the pricing, which at $49,995, remains identical to the discontinued MC384. A dual-head version, the MC385V2V pick and place machine with a speed of 8,000 cph, is also available for $59,995.

The new machines feature exceptional placement accuracy of 30 µm, 3 sigma, enhanced by vibration-free, rigid unibody steel frame, ball screw X-Y drive and linear encoders with high-speed servo motors. Cognex® on-the-fly and upward-looking vision is standard for a placement range of 01005s to 150 mm x 100 mm devices. Quick changeovers are the norm with the 128 smart feeder capacity. Large boards of up to 435 mm x 340 mm (17.1” x 13.8”) can be accommodated.

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