Manncorp Now Offers New Selective Soldering Machine

Posted By Penny Tang, Manncorp

Manncorp Selective Soldering System IS-300: Replace Labor-Intensive Hand Soldering While Eliminating Defects Caused by Wave Machines

Although the trend to miniaturization is ongoing, our industry still relies strongly on through-hole for specialty components. Connectors, capacitors and high-power devices continue to be soldered by hand or wave machines. That's why it is not unusual to see operators who tediously hand-solder components lead-by-lead alongside automated production equipment. Nor is it uncommon to witness a wave solder machine uneconomically and inefficiently used for the sole purpose of soldering a few through-hole parts per board.

For more information, please visit the website: Manncorp IS-300 Selective Soldering Machine

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One Response to “Manncorp Now Offers New Selective Soldering Machine”

  1. Wow.. really awesome selective soldering machine!! Thanks:)