Manncorp Benchtop Reflow Oven

Customers interested in purchasing benchtop reflow oven systems can contact Manncorp and customer service representatives will provide rapid quotes and customized printable pricing information for budget analysis, management review or comparative pricing. Manncorp is also able to assist with detailed technical data, convenient sales consultation, on-site training by Manncorp's own factory-trained technicians, annual maintenance of the benchtop reflow oven equipment and a one year warranty for each system and product purchased. Each benchtop reflow oven system purchased is backed by the Manncorp name and its proud record as a leading provider of electronic equipment since 1967.

The people of Manncorp look forward to working with customers of the benchtop reflow oven equipment who will quickly discover that Manncorp is operated with the principles and ethics adhered to during its forty years of doing business. Whether a customer requires equipment for prototyping, short runs, or medium to high volume production, there is a Manncorp benchtop SMT system to deliver the flexibility and ease of use that allows quick setup and changeover from one application to another. Single and multiple placement head configurations, solder paste and adhesive dispensing capability, and an adjustable three-stage conveyor are just a few available options that allow users to configure Manncorp SMT systems to meet specific needs. Manncorp benchtop SMT equipment is specially designed to provide the highest levels of versatility and performance required to meet any surface mount assembly and the Manncorp benchtop batch reflow oven systems have been specifically designed for low volume lead-free batch reflow soldering.

Manncorp also offers a full line of benchtop reflow oven systems for lead-free batch reflow soldering of PCBs up to 400 mm (15.75" x 15.75") with multi-stage heating and options, such as PC controlled profiling and nitrogen blanketing with PPM-02 monitoring. The Manncorp benchtop reflow oven 850 features a single chamber with hot air convection reflow for lead-free soldering. This model can handle PCBs up to 330mm x 240mm and has dual stage heating to 260 degrees C. The benchtop reflow oven provided by Manncorp has a hotbake function for fine pitch drying and LCD Touchscreen control and 02 monitor. Manncorp also offers the 998LF benchtop reflow oven which is a low-cost combination/ convection heating for lead-free soldering. The 998LF features a low air turbulence design, no component shifting and is available in 4 PCB size capacities. The Manncorp benchtop reflow oven also features dual stage heating to 260 degrees C, a low power consumption, a quick start-up and a membrane keypad w/LED display.

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