Manncorp Axial, Radial & SMD Reel Counters

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A parts counter is a vital tool in PCB assembly with applications that go beyond inventory-taking. Many use component counters to verify incoming and outgoing component orders and as a means of increasing speed and efficiency in pre-kitting. Manncorp offers SMD reel counters as well as those that do SMDs along with through-hole axial and radial devices.

From our website, we provide 4 different kinds of axial, radial & SMD reel counters, customers can also view our reel counters video on Manncorp YouTube channel.

Manncorp Magic Plus reel counter: 'Magic Plus' Component Counter Counts SMDs as well as Axial & Radial Components, No Electric Power Required.

Manncorp Magic Plus reel counter

Manncorp I-MAGIC reel counter: Probably the Most Versatile Parts Counter Ever Made; Quickly Tallies SMDs as well as Axial and Radial Components.

Manncorp SpotCheck™ SMD reel counter: Estimate the Count of Reeled SMDs In Less Than 60 Seconds Without Interrupting Production. This product can directly work and pick and place machines.

Manncorp Mega-X reel counter
: 'Mega-X' Digital Component Counter for Fast, Accurate Inventory of Taped SMD Parts. No Electric Power Required.

For more information about Manncorp Axial, Radial & SMD Reel Counters, please visit our website.

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