New Inline Printer is Most Advanced in Its Class at Less Than $60K

Posted by Manncorp

With the features, performance, and build-quality of systems twice its price, Manncorp’s new AP430 Fully-Automatic Inline Stencil Printer brings affordability to leading-edge, solder paste printing technology. Capability for 01005 chips, µBGAs, and 12-mil ultra-fine-pitch components is now at a price point that will fit even the most modest budgets of surface mount manufacturers who require full automation and high throughput.

The AP430’s SMEMA-compatible conveyor and PCB holder accommodate boards with print areas up to a maximum of 17.75" x 13.75", while the quick-change stencil clamp with programmable stopper accepts large frames up to 29" x 29". High-precision ballscrew drives work in unison with the CCD alignment camera to provide X, Y, and Ɵ axis correction for ultra-precise PCB-to-stencil registration within ±0.0003". In the Z-axis, independent ballscrew control of the PCB height and four-corner ballscrew positioning of the stencil frame ensure coplanarity of the stencil and board surface. After printing, these same four ballscrews maintain perpendicular and uniform separation of the stencil from the PCB at a programmable speed that guarantees ultra-crisp print definition for the particular application. Stroke, speed, and pressure of the AP430’s dual squeegees are also fully programmable. All these features combined contribute to an exceptional ±0.001" print accuracy that is more than adequate for SMT’s most challenging solder paste printing tasks.

To maintain quality throughout entire production runs in small aperture printing applications, a clean stencil is essential. For this reason, automatic stencil wiping is a feature included on every AP430 system. The wiper can be run in either wet or dry mode, with or without vacuum, and all variables—interval, paper feed, solvent injection, etc.—are, again, fully programmable.

For a limited time, Manncorp is offering free, on-site installation and training on the AP430, which is also backed by a full one-year warranty on parts and labor. The standard warranty is automatically extended to two years with the purchase of a complete turnkey system (printer, pick and place, and reflow system).

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