New Manncorp Website Leaves Customers to Their Own Devices

Posted by Manncorp

Manncorp’s all-new, responsive website went live in October, making it easier than ever for customers to view specifications, compare prices—even place orders—from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop. Adapting automatically to any screen size or platform, the new site is built upon an advanced content management system that transforms what has long been the industry’s most comprehensive and informative SMT equipment catalog into an even more useful and convenient technical resource. Visitors to are now able to configure machine options, arrange financing, and even organize worldwide shipping, in the no-pressure, self-service environment of an e-commerce experience. What’s more, they can search and bookmark info on their smart phones during morning coffee, review more detailed information on their desktops at the office, and continue business from their tablets at leisure whenever they wish.

For more than four decades, Manncorp has adhered to a straightforward direct marketing approach that most would consider completely unique for a supplier of high-tech manufacturing equipment. Even prior to the launch of their first website nearly 15 years ago, Manncorp has had a long history of publishing full specifications and prices in catalogs, brochures, and magazine ads. “We have always been confident in our ability to offer the best values in the industry when it comes down to comparing equipment features and performance,” says Manncorp President, Henry Mann. “When competitors worry about hiding prices from each other, it’s the customers who suffer.”

When logged in to the site, visitors can view and compare full pricing and request customized quotes—not just for basic equipment, but for all options and accessories—including installation, training, and shipping. International customers can even get price quotes that include shipping to their nearest port of import. “If you go to our competitors’ websites, you’ll notice that most of them require the customer to call for the type of information that doesn’t really necessitate talking to a salesperson,” says Mann. “Today’s engineers know what they’re looking for and can usually find it by searching the internet anyway. We just try to make it easier for them by having everything they need all in one place.” Mann is quick to point out that sales engineers are still always available, 24/7, to answer questions, review equipment configurations, and make additional recommendations when necessary. “Because our website provides so much information up front, communication with sales is very efficient and makes the best use of our customers’ time.”

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