ULTRA-DRY Baking Dry Boxes

Posted by Manncorp

Low-temperature baking dry boxes quickly and safely restore the shelf life of components that have been exposed to ambient humidity and can double as desiccant dry cabinets for component storage, providing component restoration and protection in one cost-saving footprint.

Manncorp's ready-to-ship ULTRA-DRY H-series moisture removal and protection solutions for electronics assemblers, PCB manufacturers and component distributors & manufacturers provide an RH of ≤5%, which is significantly lower than specified by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C and far more than enough to prevent the traces of moisture that can cause microcracking, popcorning and delamination defects as well as solder joint failures.
ULTRA-DRY Baking Dry Boxes ULTRA-DRY Baking Dry Boxes

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