Manncorp ULTIMA NEO-L All-in-One Selective Soldering System

Posted by Manncorp

Accurate, dependable selective soldering of through-hole parts on SMD assemblies

The ULTIMA NEO-L all-in-one selective soldering machine combines a high-precision, pressurized air atomization nozzle for precision flux application with fully programmable point-to-point or drag soldering to ensure fast, consistent, high-quality soldering of through-hole components on SMT boards.

ULTIMA NEO-L selective soldering machine

  • Eliminates time-consuming hand soldering operations
  • Eliminates expensive wave soldering fixtures
  • Reduces risk of component overheating and PCB damage
  • High-precision X-Y-Z-axis drive moves the PCB over the stationary solder pot, allowing for a compact design in a standalone machine
  • Flexible PCB holder with quick-release cam-locks enables fast loading and unloading of boards up to 380 x 460 mm (15" x 18")
  • Integral wave nozzle hood with built-in micro-preheater (controllable to 400 °C) shrouds soldering site with intert nitrogen, preventing oxidation
  • Bottom-side witness camera option provides real-time video inspection of the soldering process via USB connection
  • Fully programmable point-to-point or drag soldering
  • Variable solder pump speed and wave height control
  • A wide variety of dip head and dwell parameter settings
  • Windows™-based software enables off-line programming, data transfer and unlimited program storage via USB connection
  • Optional software for fast program generation via Gerber data import or scanned PCB image
  • Nozzle diameters from 2.5 mm to 20 mm (0.1" to 0.79")
  • Designed for both lead-free and conventional Sn/Pb solders

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