15,000 CPH Pick and Place Machine for Dedicated LED Assembly

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Manncorp's MC-LEDV4 pick and place machine for dedicated LED assembly
Manncorp's MC-LEDV4 pick and place machine for dedicated LED assembly
As the benefits of LED lighting technology and its countless applications propel its rapid expansion into a growing number of industries, new products using arrays of LED components appear almost daily. Accordingly, the demand for LED-specific component placement equipment is becoming more widespread and is no longer viewed as something reserved only for offshore manufacturers.

Manncorp's MC-LEDV4 series of LED pick and place machines are specially designed to place surface-mounted LED components using four pick-and-place heads and 'on-the-fly' vision for fast, accurate alignment. With a high-precision, ball-screw-driven gantry providing multiple, simultaneous pickups, MC-LEDV4 machines are capable of placement rates up to 15,000 LEDs per hour (IPC-9850).

Unlike SMT pick-and-place equipment that has merely been adapted for LED assembly, the MC-LEDV4 series is exclusively designed to be the ideal solution for long LED tubes, flexible strips, and panelized LED boards. Three models are available for either 600 mm (24"), 1200 mm (47"), or 1800 mm (71") substrates. All models can be purchased as stand-alone or inline systems.
The machines place both standard and domed LEDs from 0.6 x 0.3 mm to 8 x 8 mm, with Teflon®-coated nozzles and positive air pressure actuation to prevent component sticking. Component range can be expanded to 20 x 20 mm with a bottom vision option.
MC-LEDV4 series tape feeders have also been designed specifically for high-volume LED assembly. Brushless servo-driven tape feeder motors ensure years of reliable service, even through 24/7 production. The ability to automatically switch to a different pickup location when a feeder runs empty allows the MC-LEDV4 to run continuously, shift after shift.
The MC-LEDV4 is backed by a 2-year warranty and supported by Manncorp's experienced technical team. For details, pricing, and a 2-minute video, visit http://www.manncorp.com/smt/prod-638/pick-and-place-led-mc-ledv4-12.html?tabshow=2.

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