Manncorp BR790-HD’s High-Definition Optics and Real-Time Temperature Profiling Conquer SMD Rework’s Most Challenging Tasks

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Manncorp's BR790-HD rework system allows operators to safely remove, align, place and solder BGAs, CSPs, ultra-fine-pitch QFPs, and other delicate, heat-sensitive SMDs with unprecedented ease and precision.

BR790-HD BGA rework station
Manncorp BR790-HD's High-Definition Optics and Real-Time Temperature Profiling Conquer SMD Rework's Most Challenging Tasks

The BR790-HD's 1.3 million pixel, split-vision optics and 15" high-resolution display make fast, accurate work of component alignment via crystal-clear, superimposed images of leads and solder pads. A handy component presentation nest, mounted to the optics’ X and Y drives, automates pickup and positioning of the component in the camera’s field of view and reduces handling of delicate SMDs.

Five separate input connectors allow strategic positioning of K-type thermocouples at critical locations on the component and PCB. An easy-to-use LCD touchscreen interface displays real-time temperatures and allows on-the-fly adjustment of top and bottom hot air heater settings for ultra-precise profiling. Screen captures of process profiles can be saved to an external USB flash or hard drive for traceability.

PCB positioning is easy, thanks to the BR790-HD's unique, edge-clamping system, which easily adjusts to fit boards up to 21.6" x 19.7" (550 x 500 mm). During setup, an innovative laser guide allows trouble-free alignment of the rework site with the system's top- and bottom-side heater nozzles.

For alignment of components to solder pads, the board holder includes ultra-fine micrometer adjustments of the X and Y axes. Correction of angular alignment is performed by rotating the pickup head’s motorized theta axis through the touchscreen interface or via a manual override on the head. During automatic component removal and placement, an optoelectronic sensor controls Z-axis positioning and contact force.

The BR790-HD's programmable 6-zone "Rapid IR" underheater evenly heats the bottom of the board, eliminating thermal gradients and stress on components and solder joints adjacent to the rework site. Capable of supplying up to 3600 watts of heating power, it also reduces overall cycle times and maximum temperature exposure. Built-in cooling fans blow ambient air across the PCB at the end of the cycle.

The BR790-HD BGA rework station is well suited for use with virtually any rework application. Its short learning curve and user-friendly design puts precision rework in the hands of even inexperienced operators. Visit for specifications, pricing, and a video of the machine in operation. 

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