The Cleaning of Electronic Assemblies…from A to Z!

From ACI Technologies

The Cleaning of Electronic Assemblies…from A to Z!

The ACI Technologies Free Workshop Series continues, featuring Alpha, Aqueous Technologies, HumiSeal and Zestron.

Discover key elements needed for a successful PCB cleaning process, discuss cleaning technologies, ROSE testing, the latest industrial equipment and conformal coatings.

Specifically, these four leading companies will share insights on the following:

Alpha: Choosing solder paste and flux types.
Aqueous Technologies: Quantifying the cleaning operation utilizing ROSE testing and achieving the lowest cleaning and defluxing cost per assembly.
HumiSeal: Conformal coating for better PCB reliability.
Zestron: Why clean? Trends, reliability and failure mechanisms.

A panel discussion will answer all questions at the conclusion of the presentations.

Date: Choose either Wednesday, April 3rd or Thursday, April 4th from 8:30am to 4:45pm

RSVP: Katie Riggan by phone at 610.362.1295 or via email to

Location: ACI Technologies, Inc.
1 International Plaza, Suite 600
Philadelphia, Pa 19113

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