Giga S Motorized Component Counter Inventory and Verify SMD Counts on Taped Reels with Alert for Missing Parts

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Giga S automatic component counter inventory and verify SMD counts on taped reels with alert for missing parts

Giga S Automatic Component Counter

Giga S motorized desktop component counter with Pocket Check missing part detection quickly and accurately counts taped SMDs down to 0201 chip size, with the ability to alert the operator or skip over it when an empty tape pocket is found. For guaranteed accuracy, Giga S confirms its results by counting through in one direction, then reversing for a second count.

Giga S can be used with SMD tapes from 4 mm to 72 mm wide on 7" or 13" reels. Pitch is adjustable through the digital control panel. Giga's DC stepping motor allows it to count 5,000 SMDs in as little as 40-50 seconds.

The Pocket Check can run in two modes: The machine can be set to stop and alert the operator of an empty pocket with an audible beep, or it can skip over the pocket, simply excluding it from the count.
The system's built-in counting memory allows a target quantity to be set. When the target is reached, the system stops and beeps to alert the operator. (Beep volume is adjustable.) If a label printer is connected, Full Auto Count mode can be used, which automatically prints out a label for the counted components. Either a barcode or ribbon printer can be connected to the machine, in addition to a USB barcode scanner, to assist in inventory control.

Giga S includes a carrying handle for portability. An optional foot switch allows hands-free operation.

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