MC-LEDV3 High-Speed Dedicated LED Pick & Place Machine

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Assemble LED tubes, flexible LED strips and circular LED light bulb boards at rates reaching 10,000 LEDs per hour with the new high-speed, dedicated MC-LEDV3 SMT placement equipment.

high speed pick and place machine for LED assembly

High-speed, high-efficiency design
The three pick-and-place heads mounted on the MC-LEDV3's high precision, ball-screw-driven gantry perform simultaneous pick-up to achieve rates to 10,000 LEDs per hour (per IPC-9850 standard). True "vision on the fly" alignment, with upward-looking cameras located on the placement heads, aligns components while the head is in motion, saving time over fixed-camera systems where the component has to brought over the camera for alignment before it can move to the placement area. Thanks to the included software, feeder locations are also optimized prior to placement to minimize head travel and tool changes.
high speed pick and place machine for LED assembly
Specifically designed for LED
Unlike standard pick and place machines that have been adapted to LED assembly, the MC-LEDV3 LED pick and place machine is purpose-built, allowing it to do its one thing—building LED boards—really well, starting with the types of boards it can handle.

Whether the machine is purchased with the worktable and magnetic board fixture or an inline conveyor, the MC-LEDV3 can assemble long LED boards, such as those used for tube lights, up to 47.2" (1200 mm) in a single pass. (For jobs that need even more length, the system can also be purchased with a max board length of 70.9" (1800 mm).)

Flexible PCBs, circular boards for LED light bulbs and even irregularly shaped boards can also be assembled, quickly, accurately and reliably.

Each of the MC-LEDV3's three placement heads features positive air pressure to release 'sticky' LED components. Non-stick, Teflon®-coated nozzles—including custom nozzle designs—are also available.

The MC-LEDV3 places LED components from 0402 to 0505 (max LED size is 8 mm x 8 mm x 8 mm), including both standard and irregularly shaped LEDs. Domed LEDs can be safely placed using placement nozzles designed to not come in contact with the optical lens during pick-up and placement, protecting the component's overall light performance and reliability.
high speed pick and place machine for LED assembly
24/7 workhorse
The MC-LEDV3 pick and place offers nonstop production. Its ability to automatically switch to a different feeder when an in-use feeder runs out of components allows the operator to refill and replace the empty feeder without taking production offline at all.

MC-LEDV3 holds up to 16 tape feeders. These special feeders use brushless motors for longer feeder life under around-the-clock production conditions. With these feeders, it is also possible to splice a new reel onto an old one to minimize production interruption.
high speed pick and place machine for LED assembly
Software simplifies production
Several powerful software tools are included with the MC-LEDV3 SMT pick and place machine, including the UCAD® universal CAD import and conversion utility to simplify placement programming, a feeder arrangement optimizer to minimize head travel and tool changes, and real-time monitoring of production, which displays a virtual view of the progress of current product under assembly along with placement rate, placement time and production count.

Companies that already have one or more MC series SMT pick and place machines in their facility will find the MC-LEDV3's software interface immediately familiar, which means a zero learning curve when it comes to programming and operating this machine.
high speed pick and place machine for LED assembly
high speed pick and place machine for LED assembly

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