BR720 BGA Rework Station Split-Vision Alignment for Automatic Removal, Placement, and Soldering of BGAs, CSPs, QFPs, and Other SMDs

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The Manncorp BR720 is the industry's most affordable BGA rework station to feature split-vision optics, fully-programmable top and bottom heating, an integral thermocouple input, and a large-area multi-zone IR underheater — features essential for safe and reliable removal, placement, and soldering of BGAs, ultra-fine-pitch QFPs, and other challenging surface mount repairs. The split-vision optics and camera assembly is mounted to a precision X-Y slide mechanism that allows easy positioning between the component and the PCB.

BR720 BGA rework station

Easily Adjustable PCB Holder Accepts Boards Up To 550 mm x 500 mm (21.6" x 19.7")
The BR720's unique board holding system accommodates virtually any surface mount or mixed technology PCB assembly up to 550 mm x 500 mm (21.6" x 19.7"). A wide range of X- and Y-axis adjustability, combined with an innovative quick-release clamping mechanism, universal PCB support rails, and a moveable multi-zone IR underheater ensure that any application set-up can be optimized to take full advantage of all the BR720’s advanced features.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Easily Adjustable PCB Holder
X, Y, and Theta Axes Micrometer Adjustments for Precise Alignment of Component Leads to PCB Pads
Ultra-fine micrometers on the PCB holder for X- and Y- axes, and an additional one on the pick-up head for the theta axis, allow fast, easy, and precise alignment of the component leads to the PCB pads with the aid of high-resolution superimposed images of the board and the component projected through the Split-Vision Optics onto the LCD display.
BR720 BGA Rework Station X, Y, and Theta Axes Micrometer Adjustments
Innovative Laser Guide for Easy Alignment of Component Over Bottom Side Heater
Proper setup of the BR720 calls for alignment of the bottom heater, the component, and the top heater in the Z axis. Positioning the board in the PCB holder so that the component on the top side is positioned directly over the bottom heater nozzle is facilitated with a handy laser pointer that is attached to the upper heater and is targeted at the virtual center of the bottom heater. Positioning the component on the PCB below the laser spot ensures that the bottom heater, component, and upper heater are virtually aligned and reduces setup time.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Innovative Laser Guide
Split-Vision Optics Provide Superimposed Images of Leads and Pads for Precise Alignment
Split-Vision Optics, with electronic zoom and focus, and high-brightness adjustable LED lighting provide high-contrast superimposed images of the component leads (as it is being held on the placement head) and the pads on the PCB. The operator views this image on the BR720ís full color LCD display and if the component leads (which appear blue on the display) are misaligned with the pads on the PCB as shown in the upper image at left, the X-, Y-, and Theta axes micrometer adjustments can then be used to align the component and board as shown in the bottom image. Once the component leads and pads are aligned, precise placement is ensured.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Split-Vision Optics
Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface with One-Touch Operation and Parameter Adjustment On-the-Fly
The BR720 features an easy to use touch-screen interface with password protected user privileges that separate operator and administrative/programming functions. Operator controls allow one-touch functionality for desoldering operations with automatic placement and soldering also taking place at the touch of a button. When creating profiles, the ability to edit parameters from the same screen where the real-time temperature profile is displayed provides almost instantaneous feedback and reduces setup time.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface
Programmable Heating Rate, Target Temperature and Dwell Time for Upper and Lower Heaters
Sets of profile parameters for both leaded and lead-free solders can be divided into as many as eight individual segments for both the top and bottom heaters, each with its own heating rate, target temperature, and dwell time at the targeted temperature. Temperature and power settings for the IR underheater and the duration of the cooling fan operation are also saved as part of the parameter set.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Programmable Heating Rate
Real-Time Data Recording via Thermocouple Input with Profile Analysis and Print Function
A thermocouple input on the front of the unit allows real-time monitoring of temperatures at the desired location on the component or PCB. Collected data can be analyzed to ensure consistency with solder and/or component manufacturerís recommendations and can also be captured in bitmap format and written to a memory device connected to the BR720's standard USB port.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Real-Time Data Recording
Full Set of Vacuum Nozzles Included for Automatic Pick-Up and Placement of SMDs
The BR720 comes with a complete set of vacuum nozzles to handle components from 3 mm x 3 mm up to 60 mm x 60 mm and a maximum weight of 70 grams. Adapter sleeves attach to the standard vacuum nozzles to increase contact area and pick-up force. Components less than 3 mm x 3 mm should be placed manually and soldered in the BR720's Manual mode.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Full Set of Vacuum Nozzles
Bottom Heater Nozzles Included To Handle Most All BGA and CSP Applications
The BR720 is also shipped with 36 mm x 36 mm and 58 mm x 58 mm bottom heater nozzles to accommodate 95% of all rework applications involving removal and resoldering of BGAs, CSPs, and other devices that require bottom heating. Bottom heater nozzles can also be supplied in custom sizes for applications that require confinement of heat to a smaller area.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Bottom Heater Nozzles
Wide Variety of Upper Heater Nozzles To Solder or Desolder Virtually Any SMD
Nozzles for the upper heater are ordered based on the user's needs and are available in virtually any size from 7 mm x 7 mm to 55 mm x 55 mm to direct heat to the top surface and perimeter leads of a surface mounted device. A full listing of standard nozzles and pricing is available on the BR720 Insta-Quote page, and custom sizes are also available upon special request. Upper Heater Nozzles feature toolless, snap-in installation and can be swapped out in seconds.
BR720 BGA Rework Station Wide Variety of Upper Heater Nozzles

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