Precision Benchtop Selective Soldering System from Manncorp Improves Quality & Efficiency

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Selective Soldering Machine
Companies that are hand soldering through-hole components on surface mount & mixed-technology PCBs can speed up the process, achieve consistent results and improve product quality and reliability with the ULTIMA TR2 selective soldering machine.

Manncorp new ULTIMA TR2 selective soldering machine offers superior performance in a compact, benchtop design and at a price point that puts its advanced features within reach of low- to medium-volume assemblers.

TR2 selective soldering 35-lb-capacity solder pot handles lead-free or conventional Sn/Pb solders while an integral nitrogen hood with micro pre-heater inerts the solder site and stabilizes the wave temperature. Point-to-point and drag soldering functions, along with solder pump speed, wave height control, dip height and dwell parameter settings, are fully programmable to ensure perfect, highly repeatable solder joint quality. A high-precision, three-axis drive mechanism moves the PCB rather than the solder pot, providing a positional accuracy of ±0.01 mm.

Operators are able to monitor live video of the soldering process on their laptop or PC via the included bottom-side "witness" camera.

The TR2 selective soldering works in conjunction with the ULTIMA SP benchtop selective fluxing system. Separating the fluxing and soldering functions between the two machines provides faster throughput and more reliable, higher quality results. The SP selective fluxing applies flux precisely where it is needed using high-precision, low-pressure air-flux atomization nozzles. A single SP fluxer can support up to three TR2 selective soldering systems.

The savings in manual labor costs and increased product quality provide a fast return on investment. Learn more at

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