Manncorp MC-385V1V Single-Head, Ballscrew Drive Pick And Place Machine

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Manncorp MC-385V1V single-head, ballscrew drive pick and place machine with linear encoding and flying vision for 30μm, 3 sigma placement accuracy

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MC-385V1V pick and place machine Steel Frame Construction
Welded Uni-Body Steel Frame Construction for Superior
Strength and Stability The Manncorp MC-385 is built upon the same ultra-stable, high-mass system architecture common to all models in Manncorp's MC Series of pick and place machines. A heavy-duty, welded uni-body steel frame construction, that is four to five times heavier than other systems in its price range, provides the rigidity needed to withstand inertial forces generated by the X-Y drive mechanism and dual pick and place heads. This solid base structure is essential for the precision and accuracy needed to place today’s most challenging SMDs at high speeds.
Pick and Place Machine MC385 High Precision
High-Precision, Direct-Drive, Ballscrew and Linear Encoder Technology
The standard MC-385 base system features high-precision, direct-drive ballscrew and linear encoder technology in the X and Y axes, contributing to its 30 μm, 3 Sigma placement accuracy and insuring a level of repeatability that belt-driven pick and place systems are simply unable to maintain. With high-power AC servo motors allowing placement rates approaching 5000 cph (4000 cph, IPC-9850), the MC-385 is faster and more precise than any pick and place system in its class.
Pick and Place Machine MC385 Image Processing
Head Mounted Cameras with Image Processing for True "Vision-On-The-Fly"
The MC-385V1V ’s head-mounted, upward-aimed cameras with vision processing and programmable illumination allow easy set-up for a wide range of SMDs, including odd form components and BGAs. Also included as standard equipment, this system provides true, non-contact "vision-on-the-fly," with component reference and alignment algorithms performed during head travel for maximum speed and efficiency. System is configured with one standard head-mounted camera optics to perform flying vision on a specified range of component sizes; 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm (01005) to 8 mm2 (0.315 in.2) or 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0201) to 16 mm x 14 mm (0.63" x 0.55"). The sole use of vision, for alignment of component leads, balls, or bumps directly to the pads on the PCB, totally eliminates placement inaccuracies associated with component manufacturing tolerances. Such innaccuracies are common to placement equipment that uses laser centering technology, which locates and aligns to the component body, and also makes it extremely sensitive to Z-axis variations. Click here for additional ordering information.
Pick and Place Machine MC385 Cameras
Base-Mounted, Upward-Aimed Cameras for Alignment of Large Over-sized SMDs or Components Out-of-Range of Head-Mounted Optics
To allow any single MC-385 system to accommodate the entire range of SMDs commercially available, high-resolution stationary cameras mounted to the MC-385 worktable can be used for alignment of components outside the range of the head-mounted optics. In other words, an MC-385 outfitted with head-mounted optics for 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0201) to 16 mm x 14 mm (0.63" x 0.55") SMDs, which represents the overwhelming majority of SMDs in use today, could use a separate base-mounted camera for alignment of smaller 01005 components. An MC-385 outfitted with head-mounted optics for 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm (01005) to 8 mm2 (0.315 in.2) SMDs would use base-mounted cameras for alignment of components larger than 8 mm2 (0.315 in.2). Base mounted cameras with a wider optical range and diagonal split-vision image processing can even be used for alignment of large components up to 150 mm x 100 mm. Click here for additional ordering information.
Pick and Place Machine MC385 Smart Tape Feeders
Capacity For Up To 128 Smart Tape Feeders; Compatible w/ 32-Port Quick-Change Feeder Trolley

Manncorp 32-Port Smart Feeder Bases can be mounted on all four sides of the MC-385, when used in its stand-alone configuration, for a total capacity of 128 8 mm tape feeders. With feeder bases on all four sides, 370 mm x 350 mm (14.5" x 13.8") of payload area can be shared by PCBs and waffle trays. Placement area increases to a generous 435 mm x 350 mm (17.1" x 13.8") with feeder bases mounted on only the front and rear of the system. 32-Port Smart Feeder bases hold up to 32 individual 8 mm or 12 mm tape feeders, or as many as 50 individual tubes on 5 of the 10-Lane Smart IC Tube Holders. Manncorp Smart Feeders can be purchased and installed individually, so that feeder bases can also be shared with Manncorp Smart Stick Feeders in virtually unlimited numbers of configurations.
Pick and Place Machine MC385 Large Feeders Capacity
Batch Configuration for Large Feeder Capacity
Pick and Place Machine MC385 DP4 Dispenser
Panelized Assembly with all Components Resident on MC385V1V - shown with optional DP4 Dispenser
Pick and Place Machine MC385 Dispense Head Applies
Optional Dispense Head Applies .5mm Dots
  • ATP (Advanced-Time-Pressure) Dispensing System
  • High-accuracy dispensing based on closed-loop, microprocessor-controlled temperature and pressure sensing to compensate for varying viscosity
  • Dispenses Solder paste and adhesives at dot sizes down to .5mm diameter at rates up to 8,000 dots/hr.
  • Full Integration with MC-385V1V Pick and Place for easy programming and set-up
  • Must be factory ordered; cannot be retrofitted
Pick and Place Machine MC385 Windows Based Control Software
Powerful Windows®-Based Control Software
The MC-385 utilizes the same robust, Windows®-based control system and intuitive user interface common to all models in the Manncorp MC Series. Programming is accomplished via direct input/import of numeric data, teach-mode using the built-in teaching camera, or easy-to-use universal CAD conversion and download utilities. All systems are supplied with a standard library of different component package types and sizes (resistors, capacitors, diodes, SOTs, PLCCs, QFPs, SOJs, SOPs, etc.) containing default vision inspection parameters and data for component alignment. Component libraries, which can be easily edited, customized, and expanded, contain component specific data that is linked to integrated Manncorp Smart Feeder software for easy feeder setup and inventory control. Dispensing patterns and parameters can also be defined and assigned to specific components in the component libraries, for retrieval when using the integrated ATP Dispensing software. Fiducial mark search routines are used for identification of PCB offset or misalignment and subsequent placement data interpolation/correction. MC Series software also features optimization tools that analyze placement data and component mix in order to provide a recommended feeder arrangement that will minimize head travel, reduce tool changes, and allow the fastest production speeds. The MC Series software also provides advanced inspection capability that allows the user to verify solder paste printing accuracy and component placement. A network adapter allows communication with other equipment and permits programming, calibration, and diagnostic maintenance from any remote location via the Internet.
Pick and Place Machine MC385 MC Software Package
Pickup & Place Loose Components With Low-Cost MC Software Package
When limited quantities of loose parts require placement, there's no need to revert to tedious manual assembly. Not when your MC machine is pre-ordered with software permitting semi-automatic placement of loose parts. With this low-cost option, any SMD from 01005 to 150 x 100 mm is automatically picked up, then oriented and accurately placed. It's the perfect solution for contractors or OEMs faced with occasional production demands that call for small-lot assembly of unreeled parts or those without trays.

For more information, please visit the website: Manncorp MC-385V1V pick and place machine

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