The Latest in Affordable Protection for Moisture-Sensitive Devices. Ultra-Dry Cabinets are in Stock, Ready to Ship and Available for Purchase Online

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Ultra-Dry desiccant dry cabinets
The latest in affordable protection for moisture-sensitive devices. Ultra-Dry cabinets are in stock, ready to ship and available for purchase online.

Even with resealable moisture barrier bags (MBBs), moisture damage is still a risk. Torn or improperly sealed MBBs expose moisture-sensitive devices to ambient humidity. When these devices are subjected to reflow temperatures, the moisture expands, causing microcracking and other very difficult to detect damage. Costly failures in the field are often the result.

Eliminate the risks—along with the hassle of dealing with humidity indicator cards (HICs) and desiccant bags—with Ultra-Dry desiccant dry cabinets from Manncorp Direct, six sizes of which are available for online purchase and immediate shipment.

Humidity-controlled Ultra-Dry desiccant dry cabinets protect components in tapes, tubes, reels, trays, unsealed moisture barrier bags (MBBs) or loaded tape feeders. They can also be used to protect multilayer and class 3 product bare boards, partially assembled boards, and moisture-sensitive plastics and films.

Ultra-Dry desiccant dry cabinets feature self-replenishing desiccant—no need to ever replace or refill it—with airtight magnetic sealers, compression handles, and anti-static paint and glass. Turbo dryer, included as standard on every model, ensures an RH atmosphere of =5%—significantly lower than specified by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C. All desiccant dry cabinets feature adjustable shelves. Rolling models include anti-static locking wheels.

For easy, reliable protection of moisture-sensitive devices, purchase an Ultra-Dry desiccant dry cabinets online at —in stock and ready to ship.

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