Manncorp CR-4000C Reflow Oven

Posted by Manncorp

CR-4000C Reflow OvenThe CR-4000C reflow oven is a perfect fit for those assemblers who want a compact medium-volume lead-free reflow with many of the profiling and performance characteristics of larger ovens. Their obvious choice should be the CR-4000C because except for size, energy usage and price – which are much lower -- it matches many big oven assets feature for feature. It has a combination stainless steel mesh belt & pin conveyor with a board-heating width of 500 mm (20") and a double-sided board processing capability. Also part of the package is an on-board computer with Windows®-based password-protected software to permit on-screen profiling that sets oven parameters automatically. All this in a space-saving length of just over 6 ½ ft. The 4000C is a very green machine, consuming just 5 to 8 KW of electricity -- even when ramped up to lead-free temperatures of up to 300°C. Included are four independently controlled zones of high mass heating panels with two bottom-side convection zones spanning a total heating length of 1040mm (41") circulated by forced hot-air convection utilizing high-speed blowers. Three thermocouple inputs are provided for advanced temperature profiling and thermal management functions.

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