New FVX™ Bench Top SMT Pick and Place from Manncorp to be featured at Booth #620 at the SMTAI

From Manncorp

The FVX represents a radical change in bench top pick and place technology that is certain to change the industry’s perception of both the performance capability and reliability of this class of equipment. The FVX is an innovative and fully integrated hardware and software solution designed for increased precision, highly repeatable placement, improved ease-of-use, and low maintenance, all at a level of affordability unprecedented in the low- to medium-volume pick and place market.
FVX™ Pick and Place from Manncorp

With the FVX, high-tech entrepreneurial startups, military subcontractors, universities, independent labs and job-shops, assembling small quantities of very focused, application-specific products, can now easily and reliably place the most difficult SMDs — from small 0201 chip components through large BGAs or high pin-count QFPs with 0.4 mm lead pitch. Key to the FVX performance is an alignment intelligence algorithm that quickly and accurately examines a picture of any surface mount part and identifies its placement center without the need for complex setup parameters or reference images.

What’s more, the FVX includes a wide variety of feeder and component presentation options that are specifically designed for users building prototype or pilot production quantities of product, subject to multiple manufacturing revs, short timetables and tight budgets, with low inventories of components and no margin for error or waste. Manncorp’s exclusive Auto-Indexing Cut Strip Tape Feeders accept varying lengths of tape cut from full reels of SMDs, eliminating kitting and handling problems associated with low-usage components. Conventional automatic tape & reel feeders for high-usage components are also available, along with vibratory stick feeders, grid-tray holders, and other low-cost component presentation schemes.

The standard FVX Bench Top Pick and Place System package includes the main frame with FVX controller board, head-mounted and base-mounted vision cameras, pick-up tool changer, sliding PCB holder for 390 x 310 mm boards, 27-lane automatic tape feeder base, 30-lane cut strip feeder base, waffle tray holder, and FVX Alignment Intelligence and Control software — all for just $29,995. Because the compact FVX controller incorporates modular motor driver boards, vision intelligence, and integrated video switching on a single mother board, the FVX can be operated via USB connection from any dual-core PC or notebook running Windows™ XP or later.

For more information, please visit the website: FVX Benchtop Pick and Place Machine

CONTACT: Sales and support offices in three locations: East (Willow Grove, PA), West (San Diego, CA) and Mexico.

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