Production-Ready MC-400 Pick and Place from Manncorp Brings Affordability In-House

From Manncorp

Manncorp MC400 Benchtop Pick and Place Machine
Manncorp MC400 Benchtop Pick and Place Machine.

Bring prototyping, short run and low volume printed circuit board assembly jobs—even those requiring considerable placement accuracy and precision—in-house with the new MC400 benchtop pick and place machine from Manncorp. Also suited to design houses and contract manufacturers who are looking to offer first article approval and small batch production to their customers, MC400 benchtop pick and place machine offers the quality build and features of Manncorp’s full-sized MC-series machines at a more affordable price point.

A combination of on-the-fly and stationary Cognex®-based alignment systems ensure accurate placement of 0201s through 100 x 150 mm SMDs, including BGAs, CSPs, flip chips, QFPs, odd-form components, and ultra-fine-pitch parts to 15 mil.

With the MC-400’s AC servo motion control and linear encoders, placement rates of 2,500 cph (IPC 9850) can be reached with ±0.05 mm placement accuracy and ±0.01 mm repeatability.

Components can be picked from tape reel, cut strip tapes, sticks and waffle trays. Nine possible feeder configurations can be viewed on the product’s web page at MC-400’s time-saving, error-proofing Smart Feeders are interchangeable with all other MC-series pick & place machines.

MC400 benchtop pick and place machine uses the full MC-series software, with expandable component library, universal CAD data import, teach-in programming, and Virtual PCB Simulation for program verification. Programs are portable between MC-series machines, allowing manufacturers to move from prototyping to high-volume production without reprogramming.

Remote service and support are included, along with a two-year parts warranty. Installation and onsite-training, provided by Manncorp’s own technicians, most of whom have been with the company for over a decade, are available to get the MC-400 up and running for your specific needs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Pricing, specifications and full details on the MC400 SMT pick & place machine from Manncorp are available at

Manncorp offers a no-obligation Requirements Evaluation to help assemblers determine which pick and place equipment is best suited to their workload. Simply send a typical BOM (bill of materials) to or contact one of Manncorp’s sales and support offices: 800-PIK-MANN (745-6266) for the East Coast office; 888-PIK-MANN (745-6266) for West; and 52-1-656-217-8215 for Mexico.

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