Manncorp Expands Desiccator Cabinet Line


 Recognizing the growing market demand to protect surface mount components from moisture damage, Manncorp has expanded its line of desiccant cabinets and made them easier and quicker to buy. “We are now geared to the needs of virtually all potential users,” stated CEO Henry Mann, “and since we’re stocking the cabinets in our San Diego facility, they can be made available for time-critical delivery.”

The CEO revealed that now showcases 10 different models with capacities ranging from 5.8 cu. ft (165L) up to 44.1 cu. ft. (1250L) and priced from $1,895 to $11,995. The cabinets are available in two model series – those that prevent moisture traces by maintaining a round-the-clock relative humidity level of < 5%. Other models have the same preventive function, but can also quickly restore moisture-impaired devices by baking them at safe, low temperatures. Mr. Mann claims the newly designed web pages (manncorpdryboxes) allows visitors to easily benchmark and compare the sizes, specifications and online direct pricing of each of the cabinets manufactured by Manncorp, which are available for shipment on the same day orders are received.

Also referred to as “dry boxes,” desiccant cabinets  or dry box for electronics prevent RH moisture absorption that vaporizes and expands within surface mount components during reflow, causing “popcorning” and other packaging and internal defects that frequently go undiscovered until field usage occurs.

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