Advantages & Benefits of Vapor Phase Soldering System

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The precise, defect-free characteristics of vapor phase have made it the soldering choice for military, aerospace and medical equipment applications.

Lead-free and tin/lead solders may be used interchangeably by simply changing the vapor phase fluid. The only adjustment is setting the process temperature in relation to the boiling point of the fluid used. For lead-free processing, fluids are available with high boiling points up to 260°C. For tin/lead soldering, fluids with lower boiling points are also available.

Vapor phase fluid chosen is also based on solder paste being used. There are fluids for every paste and the same formula fluid will provide consistent results.

Heat transfer coefficient of vapor phase is approximately 10x faster than hot air and 8x faster than IR heat.

Vapor phase oven takes place at only 5°C to 10°C over the melting point of solder paste. Other reflow methods require 30°C to 35°C for the same task due to their lower heat transfer rates. Lower soldering temperatures means less component stress, no delamination or popcorning.

There is no need for a nitrogen atmosphere in vapor phase oven, since the vapor condensate covers every component in the assembly. The entire atmosphere of the chamber itself is chemically inert with zero oxygen content without the need for nitrogen. The process thus provides an atmosphere for better wetting characteristics.

Assemblies cannot be overheated, since the boiling point of the heat transfer fluid is almost identical to the process temperature. The lower temperature vapor phase and even heat transfer ensure lower thermal stress and prevention of component "tombstoning".

Vapor phase oven is energy efficient and maintenance costs are significantly lower in comparison to radiation and convection soldering technologies. Heat transfer fluids are non-toxic and environmentally safe. They are non-corrosive, chemically inert, and do not contain CFCs.

Manncorp's small-footprint vapor phase ovens occupy almost 50% less floor space than other conveyorized soldering equipment.

Vapor Phase oven maintains consistent actual temperature, regardless of the size, shape or surface area of the PCB. Every component will likewise maintain the identical temperature, regardless of its size, density or location.

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