Inline PCB Cleaner With Many Innovations Added To Manncorp Product Mix

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Marketing Director of Manncorp

Manncorp has expanded its website section dedicated to PCB cleaners. Included are updates of existing models and a new INLINE BOARD CLEANING and DEFLUXING SYSTEM for water-soluble fluxes that combines higher throughput with exclusive operational and ecological benefits.

CEO Henry Mann claims the inline system answers market demand for increased board width by accommodating PCBs up to 24”. “It also uses less floor space, measuring just 12 ½ ft. long. Less energy and water are consumed with its 60-degree angled nozzle directing spray under the components for more thorough removal of all water-soluble (OA) flux residues,” he stated.

Along with high-performance stainless steel spray pumps that deliver increased flow and pressure, the system is powered by a turbine-powered rotating air knife, working along with fixed-position air knives to provide maximum effective drying area. The Manncorp inline cleaner is priced at $106,700, which according to the CEO is one lowest cost inline PCB cleaners available. “The quality of this cleaner and its attractive price opens the opportunity for ownership by a greater number of PCB assemblers,” he stated.

A rinse water closed loop recycler is available for zero discharge operation.

For details, access Inline PCB Cleaner, call 1.800.PIK MANN (745.6266) or e-mail

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