Washington Times Blog Article Cites Immigrant-Turned-Entrepreneur: Jordi Munoz Gains Fame & Sizeable Income Building Model Drone Aircraft with Manncorp PCB Assembly Equipment

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Marketing Director of Manncorp

This fascinating story begins with Jordi Munoz’s arrival in America and describes how he parlayed a hobby into a lucrative business. Jordi would be the first to admit it would not have happened without Manncorp’s be-kind-to-startups pricing on a stencil printer, pick and place machine and reflow oven. (Jordi has since expanded his line to two upgraded pick and place machines and two reflow ovens, sure signs that business is indeed booming.)

For the whole article, please visit the website: Out of ‘hobby’ class, drones lifting off for personal, commercial use - By Patrick Hruby

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