Manncorp's "Production Runner" Turnkey is Ideal For Flexible Mid-Volume SMT Assembly

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Manncorp Marketing Director

Manncorp's new "Production Runner" turnkey PCB production line is designed to meet the needs of high-mix, low-to-mid-volume automated assembly and is equally suitable for both short and long runs. The line includes Manncorp’s acclaimed dual-head 8,000 cph MC-385V2V pick and place, the 5500 dual squeegee stencil printer and the CR-4000C lead-free hot air convection reflow system.

CEO Henry Mann claims this equipment line-up will meet the production challenges faced by today’s OEMs and EMS providers who require the flexibility and feeder capacity to process today’s ever-increasing array of component types. The MC-385 pick and place machine accommodates 128 smart tape feeders and includes Cognex® on-the-fly vision that easily aligns standard and odd-form SMDs, providing a placement range from 01005s through 100 x 150 mm connectors.

The included 5500 stencil printer features vertical lift and the ability to process double-sided boards. It maintains a consistent stencil height and pressure throughout the print stroke while separating the PCB and stencil cleanly. The compact 6 ½ ft. long lead-free CR-4000C reflow oven has a 16” pin conveyor over a 20” stainless steel mesh belt and includes KIC “Auto Focus Power” process automation software to provide optimal oven settings.

The Production Runner line is $89,995 complete. Access Production Runner Line for details, call 800.PIK MANN (745.6266) or e-mail

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