Read What Manncorp CEO Henry Mann Says about His New, Battery-Powered Chevy Volt

Posted by Henry Mann, Manncorp CEO

“Aside from family and friends, the three subjects that interest me most are:

1. Cars (I collect them)
2. Technology (My company makes high tech electronic production equipment)
3. Marketing (Our success is built on solid marketing concepts)”

“I think GM has done a great job on #1 & #2 – but could have a long way to go on #3.”

“From a technology standpoint, the most awesome cars I’ve ever owned are the GTR and ZR1. They are about to be joined by my battery-powered Volt that automatically switches to gas-on-the-go when the battery needs recharging. I see this car as the ideal business vehicle to reach smaller metropolitan destinations that are 400 to 800 miles away. With flying such a hassle, I’d sooner trust the Volt to me get there in good time and at considerably less cost. Another incentive is the generous federal and state tax deductions that make the purchase affordable. Of course, the Volt merited consideration not only for what it could do on the road, but what it could do for the environment. And that’s probably one of its most important assets.”

“But there’s much more to like. The silence of the ride is a rush! The only things you hear are the wind and a faint muffle from the climate-control blower. Another turn-on is the acceleration. It feels like no time to get from zero to sixty. That’s because there’s no sound of an engine – just that silky smooth silence. The Volt’s 100% touch-screen controls and unique dashboard displays are a marvel as well. They make every option intuitive and at your fingertips.”

“Where The General* has gone wrong, in my opinion, is its obvious failure to educate at the point-of-sale level. Although I made initial contact with five dealerships, there wasn’t one that had the foresight to send me a brochure (though I finally did get one from a sealed carton at the one showroom I visited). However, no one on the floor could discuss the car intelligently -- nor offer more than a shoulder shrug in response to questions about mileage and horsepower. Since the Volt is gearless, I would think performance in snow would be excellent. But again, the facts I needed were not in the brochure -- nor in the salesperson’s head. Although the tax deductions generated from a Volt purchase are substantial, no one could give me the details. Instead I was meekly advised to “ask my tax advisor for that information.” Because long-term reliability could be an issue with any new tech product, I requested info on GM’s extended warranty – but had to wait a half hour to get it. I’ve only touched on a few of many frustrations I had during the negotiating stage of the purchase. But it did prove that those who could least afford to be ill-informed about the Volt are the ones that are. GM, if my experience was typical, you’ve got a whole lot of sales training to do!”

*General Motors

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