Manncorp Lead Cutters and Formers

Posted by Manncorp

Manncorp’s axial lead formers put no stress on components— or your budget. They’re fully adjustable for pitch and cut length. Set-up is easy, with no tooling required. On the mechanical units, the ball bearing bushings are sealed in the crank to ensure accuracy. As your business grows, your lead-processing can be handled by machines such as the RT-86.

With smooth shearing action, comfort, safety, and its light weight Manncorp’s axial lead cutters / formers may be the ideal tool for your needs. Additionally, Manncorp radial cutters can achieve production rates up to 25,000pph. These units have independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life. Automating your cutting means you’ll save big in PCB assembly while you simplify your component insertion tasks.

For more information, please visit the website and get prices online: Manncorp Lead Cutters and Formers

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