Manncorp Desiccator Cabinets Introduction

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Manncorp is a printed circuit boards desiccator cabinet supplier. Check out our 'Dr. Storage' Humidity Control Storage Systems, they can prevent no-lead soldering from wreaking havoc with your SM components & packages. Dr. Storage desiccator cabinets also allow trays and reels of MSDs (moisture sensitive devices) to be safely stored for extended periods in a dryer- than-Sahara RH atmosphere of 5% and less.
With the use of Manncorp Desiccator Cabinets, potential moisture related defects of IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can be effectively and easily reduced or prevented, also the number of opportunities for moisture related production faults can be reduced.
Three Dr. Storage Humidity Control Storage Systems are provided by Manncorp:
Manncorp's Dry Zone Value Line has affordable, effective desiccator cabinet which can store components and boards safely and reduce moisture related damage to all types of active devices from PoP, Stacked Die, BGA, QFP, etc. The humidity range can be maintained under 5%RH.

Manncorp Dr. Storage Desiccator Cabinets comply with J-STD-033B and have two or more drying modules, so that regeneration of drying media is automatic. Drying modules can be mixed and matched, and replaced in the field. Customers can view comparison chart to find the difference between Manncorp Dr. Storage Desiccator Cabinets and Competing Makes.
Manncorp T40W Series desiccator cabinets have two functions. One is storing MSD parts at humidity range = 5% RH, another is resetting the floor life of parts that have been over-exposed to ordinary air containing humidity, by low temperature baking. Customers can view performance chart of Manncorp T40W Series desiccator cabinet on our website.

Come to Manncorp website to find great desiccator cabinets for your printed circuit boards.

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