Manncorp's Expanded Component Counter Lines Include 01005 Capability & Missing Parts Detector

Posted by Mike Schwartz, Marketing Director of Manncorp

Component counters that handle all part sizes -- even 01005s -- and detect missing parts while deducting them from the grand total are now available at According to CEO Henry Mann, "the site includes hand-held and motorized versions with features and functions that greatly increase usability."

He cited a model that counts SMDs as well as through-hole axial and radial parts. Another version includes a bar code reader and scanner plus a label printer that outputs quantity, lot number, company name and bar code. "This is vital information for inventory control and pre-kitting," the CEO added.

I-Magic, Manncorp’s versatile taped parts counter tallies SMDs from 8mm to 72mm as well as axial and radial components

He also referred to a low-cost hand-held counting device called "Spot Check:" that counts SMDs directly on the pick and place. "At only $389, this device easily pays for itself," he added. For details, access Manncorp Counters.

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