An Important Message From the Company Owner

Posted by Manncorp

WARNING: Over the past few weeks, someone has compromised Manncorp Inc. checks and is sending these non-cashable and forged documents to numerous unsuspecting individuals. This is a pure scam. If you are in receipt of one of these worthless checks, bounce fees from your bank will result if you deposit it. We advise reporting this incident to your local authorities, or destroying the check.

"I want to make it clear that my company, Manncorp, Inc., has no connection with the perpetrator of this fraud. We are a respected and well-known electronics company based in Willow Grove, PA that’s been in business since 1967. Those so-called checks are counterfeit and signed with an unknown signature. Should you receive one, we urge you to disregard instructions and do not send money to the perpetrator. Instead, bring this matter to the attention of your local police or district attorney. "

                                                                                      -- Henry Mann, CEO, Manncorp, Inc.

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