Manncorp 16.350 does this – with the added advantage of smaller solder pots that require a reduced front-end investment in costly solder.

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Today I want to introduce a new wave solder machine - Manncorp 16.350.

Manncorp’s two-pot 16.350 wave solder machine is designed for assemblers who require both a lead-free and tin/lead capability. The compact machine is less than 5½ ft. long and offers the added advantage of low-capacity solder pots which reportedly substantially reduces the costly front-end solder investment.

Manncorp 16.350 Wave Solder Machine

Also we are having SPECIAL! $2000 Off On Second Solder Pot until 12/31/2011. To get more information about this wonderful machine and prices, please check our website: 16.350 Dual-Wave Soldering Machine

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